Mandatory Public Disclosure Appendix IX



Classrooms at SSV are equipped to handle digital teaching and learning process. The hardware include a projector/ Laptop, an interactive digital board / LED television & network connectivity.

The resource team of SSV works on identifying digital content to aid the teachers in explaining concepts visually.


SSV has a fully airconditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of 300 persons.

The auditorium is used for sessions, trainings & workshops conducted by specialists, resource persons for students & teachers.

Science Labs

At SSV, science is learnt through experiments and activities. We provide individual do-it-yourself kits to students from Grade1 onwards, children work with them to learn concepts like, water filtering, weaving, hydraulic lift etc.

Through these kits they understand the science behind machines and appliances they use in their daily life. We also have another set of QED (Quest Explore Discover) science kits which are used to explain specific concepts.

These robust and well-designed kits are first introduced by teachers and then given to the children to explore. We ensure that our science programs introduce the world of research to our Junior scientists. SSV houses fully equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

Computer Lab

SSV campus is completely Wi-Fi enabled. We have two well equipped integrated computer cum language labs.

Hands-on computer training is provided to children from Grade 1 onwards.

This is supported by a well balanced curriculum comprising of classroom & lab sessions.


To promote the spirit of continuous learning among students, they are provided peaceful & enriching hours in the library. Our library has a wide collection of books on encyclopedia, literature, science, fiction, self development, biographies, auto-biographies and reference books related to all subjects.

The library also stocks a good number of books by foreign authors. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits & use the library as an important center for learning. Books, journals & magazines from across the world are made available to the students. Personal supervision is extended to every child to improve his/her reading &speaking abilities.


Our Pre-Kindergarten classes have play pens for kids to enjoy their early days in schooling. We have theme based classrooms for our toddlers to learn while they play.


At SSV, We offer Keyboard class and Drums class, We have a fully soundproofed music room with all the required facilities to be used as a recording room as well.


SSV has its own playground for students with a provision for athletics, indoor games and outdoor games where they can hone their Psychomotor skills. Facilities include a Basketball court, Volleyball court, Skating rink, a multipurpose ground and a kids play area.